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The ABC fighting for its survival

May 11, 2019

by Quentin Dempster In trying to defend the ABC as an institutional pillar of a fearless free media in Australia’s robust democracy, first, we have to confront paranoia. It [...]


March 13, 2019

Based on the desire for total mobility and the serious physical pursuit of religious freedom, the auto drove mankind further than the wheel and, in remote areas even today, [...]

Eight Men & a Boat

January 10, 2019

by Gary Brady The talk at smoko drifted over the Lake Wollumboola development and shorebirds, the antisocial tree vandalism on Collingwood beach but honed in on the relative [...]

Coastal Walking Magic

June 24, 2016

by John Souter The Shoalhaven is the most visited region in NSW and its long and beautiful coastline has always been the main attraction. So it’s surprising how few walkers [...]

Tobacco Taxes

June 17, 2016

by a rusted on pipe smoker Whilst the Department of Health eagerly trumpets its success in reducing the number of smokers in Australia over the past decade, spare a thought [...]

Tourism, Lord And Master

March 25, 2016

The latest edition of Shoalhaven City Council’s “On The Move” newsletter reminds readers of the importance of tourism to the local economy. More than $700 million [...]

Small beer

November 27, 2015

In the last edition of the NBT we welcomed the Transition movement to our pages. Transition is about living locally and is part of a world-wide movement of people concerned [...]