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A Question Of Humanity

April 20, 2019

by Stuart Rees If any individual is repeatedly labelled ‘unusual, odd, deviant, criminal, possibly a terrorist,’ that person’s alleged guilt of something reprehensible [...]

The Good Bloke Party for Gilmore

March 20, 2019

The Canberra advertising man who doubles as Prime Minister, has explained his selection of a candidate to succeed the departing Sudsie in the Gilmore electorate.  ‘My [...]

Shelter against the cold

August 1, 2018

Last year the Shoalhaven community got together to operate a homeless shelter through winter in the Wesley Centre in Nowra. This year through the Safe Shelter project it’s [...]

Where’s the Heart

July 4, 2018

by Bonnie Cassen Sitting on committees at Council, Councillor Nina Cheyne became bothered that although there was Aboriginal representation, there was no real Aboriginal [...]

Manildra, and dirty coal

February 27, 2018

The NSW Planning & Assessment Commission has recently given permission to Castlereagh Coal, a wholly owned  subsidiary of The Manildra Group, to re-open a coal mine in [...]

Disbelief Over Palestine

March 19, 2017

by Stuart Rees Australia hasn’t been silent in the face of Israeli slaughter. Instead, it’s offered vocal support. When human rights issues are discussed in international [...]

Adding The Spark Of Life

August 23, 2016

One of the biggest concerns for Shoalhaven residents is the slow death of our towns and villages. CBDs in Nowra and Ulladulla are losing out to larger, shinier developments, [...]
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