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Migrating Whales vs Offshore Wind Farms

by Richard Bates Question: Can floating offshore wind farms and migrating whales coexist? The saving from extinction of the East Australian humpback whale has been one of humanity's great environmental success stories. By the mid 1960s a hundred years of commercial whaling had driven the population down to somewhere between just 100 to 150. We […]

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Let’s End Native Forest Logging Once and For All
Floods, Mental Health and Love in Lismore
Mining the Blue Mountains; A World Heritage Disaster
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Dear Readers and Friends, I Have Something to Tell You
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Coal Mining in Water Catchments Must Cease
Morrison’s ‘Can Do Capitalism’: An Outdated, Selfish Narrative
Selfishness; The Planets Greatest Existential Threat
Koalas are Lost - Can We Save the Gang-Gang?
How the Federal Government Could Help Modernise our Electricity Grid
Third Time Lucky for the Eden Woodchip Mill Expansion Plans
Climate in Crisis
Bega Locals Disrupt Logging – Code Red for Habitat
(Home) School Strike for Climate in Kangaroo Valley
Climate Urgency, Australia’s Selfishness
Conservationists Say “Eden Chip Mill’s Move Closer to Monopoly Must be Stopped”
Last Chance to Help Manyana Community Save Forest Sanctuary from Bulldozers
Bravehearts and Angels Call Out Wood Chipping
Community Outrage over Logging at Mogo
Protecting a Patch of Paradise – Kiama Goes Green on World Environment Day
Heroes of Our Times
Electric Vehicles are the Future if We Can Let Go of the Past
Sea Change
Seriously ugly: here's how Australia will look if the world heats by 3°C this century
Logging Must Not Resume on the South Coast
Berry Uniting Church Rings its Bells for the Climate as Part of Global Day of Action
Beyond Climate Grief: a journey of love, snow, fire and an enchanted beer can
Touched - Business as Usual; Why I March for Justice
Ignoring Implications for ‘One Way In, One Way Out’ Towns in the Shoalhaven
What Do We Need To Own?
Lost in the Past - Wake Up Call for Government and Industry
Bats Burning Up - A Crisis Unfolding Before Our Eyes
Breaking Down the Nuclear Chain - a Disaster at Every Phase
Adani Attacks on Activists – Desperate Moves by a Desperate Company
Coal is History
Greenwash or Hogwash - can Charles's Terra Carta really save us from the profit hungry mining magnates?
Adani's toxic touch - going from bad to worse, and all with Australia's blessing
Manyana Community Remembers Mega-Fire as Mental Health Impacts Linger 
Currowan Anniversary - Extra Distressing for South Brooman Residents
Are we in a Climate Emergency or Not? Accept it Shoalhaven, then Declare it.
Shoalhaven stepping up for climate
New campaign urges us to prepare as bushfire season officially begins
Independent Planning Commission gives green light to Narrabri Gas Project
With Our Own Eyes
Book Review for: "How to talk about climate change in a a way that makes a difference" by Rebecca Huntley
No CSG Overflow
Narrabri Gas Project like all CSG, too risky
A golden opportunity to pivot
Shoalhaven's Summer of Fire, Smoke and Mirrors
A Carbon Tax is still the answer
Strike for the Climate
Global Warming, Tipping Point
Environmental damage huge from Tathra fires
Science and seaweed combating carbon
Big Storms Mean Trouble
Council flubs (again) on sea level rise
A Long Paddle 4 Earth!
Water, water, everywhere!
When Nature Calls


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