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The New Bush Telegraph is a quarterly bulletin, published in Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter. Circulation minimum 4000 copies throughout the Shoalhaven.

We are inviting you to support your local community by advertising in The New Bush Telegraph.

Standard display ads cost just $8.00 per column centimetre, cost examples are:

  • small 5cmX5cm $40.00 per issues
  • medium 5cmX10cm $80.00 per issue
  • large 10cmX10cm $160.00 per issue

Discounted larger ads are:

  • quarter page 15cmX15cm $300.00 per issues
  • half page 25cmX15cm $550.00 per issues
  • full page 25cmX30cm $990.00 per issue

Please email Ingrid or by mobile on 0417 711 128.

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