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July 30, 2020

A.G. Stands for mostly AWFUL GENTS.                                                             
Short on soul and common sense,
It's stupid policy and gross expense
To lock kids up behind a fence But Attorneys General wear big shoes, They can gaol whoever they choose, Pocketing hundreds of thousands of smackeroos, While juveniles stand to lose. It seems there's no law that forbids, Incarcerating some poor kids Whose lives will be put on the skids By those who get paid quids and quids. Read the news and feel the rage. Kids of ten are under-age. They don't belong inside a cage, Time we move to turn the page. Has the QLD Government given up on keeping kids out of prison ... Photo from Amnesty International (Raise the Age) I'd like to see the list of crimes, These kids had undertaken, Seems Racist thinking lurks behind Juvenile Incarceration. With guidance at fourteen it's possible they May find their feet and find a way, Given the chance, to start again, But what's their chance at the age of ten? Buckley's!

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    7 comments on “A. G. - AWFUL GENTS?”

    1. Well said. And your second last verse sadly is true - far too many Indigenous kids are targeted. It starts with pinching a Mars bar and ends up eventually with incarceration.

    2. Regardless of age, all persons should be treated with respect and given a chance to restart their normal lives

      1. Absolutely Alan.

        What would be even better is if we could prevent children entering the vicious circle of the justice system in the first place.

        More emphasis on WHY they end up in the system (family violence, housing instability, addictive substances etc) not HOW to get them out of it.

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