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Taylors Lane - Stand Tall, Oh Gracious Trees

July 1, 2020

Since May, residents of Taylors Lane, Cambewarra, and the community behind them, have rallied together to save the 317 trees facing removal along this archway of beauty. Residents are concerned about the environmental impact, Indigenous significance, loss of natural beauty and vital wildlife habitat; with the bushfires of last summer still fresh in people's minds.

After a lengthy, heated and at times unwatchable debate the residents have won a reprieve and this time the cards may be stacked in their favour. At the Shoalhaven Council Ordinary Meeting last Tuesday, it was voted that this part of the Far North Collector Road project will return to staff for a review of the Taylors Lane upgrade plans and then be put forward for community consultation.

The persistent fight from the community has seen a worst possible outcome of 317 mature trees being removed, to a possible retainment of all trees.

This will involve the review of shoalhaven development Control Plan 2014, existing zoning and potential planning for the area which is situated between Moss Vale Road and the edge of the Urban release Area. Staff will also review how the trees could be sucessfully retained and integrated into future plans.

Taylors Lane is one of the very few remaining tree arched roads within the Shoalhaven and its natural beauty is a major tourism attraction and asset. It is vital to keep our cultural heritage from being decimated by over-development. It is for that very reason that the community must keep its pressure on the council even with a more positive outcome on the horizon.

"In the wake of the devastating bushfires, last summer, we lost so many trees in the Shoalhaven. The environment in this district can nil afford to lose more trees; 317 trees is a bit much to think about given our large losses" (Councillor Nina Digiglio)

The community, as you can imagine, is very happy and quite relieved to have finally been properly listened to and heard by all councillors. They remain hopeful for a good outcome for the wildlife, and for the beauty we all enjoy.

You can voice your support for retaining all trees along Taylors Lane by emailing or send a deputation closer to the relevant council meeting.

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    2 comments on “Taylors Lane - Stand Tall, Oh Gracious Trees”

    1. I recently saw this breathtakingly beautiful lane just a few days ago and can't believe that anyone would consider destroying it to make a wider road. Adjacent to the lane are empty paddocks that could easily accommodate a wide road. Plainly, a village somewhere has lost its idiot. Taylor's Lane is a jewel in the crown of Nowra and must be preserved.

    2. Congratulations to the community. Well done. I have noted from the photos from Taylors Lane that the trees are Spotted Gums, in the Bloodwood genus Corymbia, renamed from Eucalyptus. These gums have been flowering for the first time since 2015 and providing critical foraging for fauna in refuge areas and are not yet finished. They are also an iconic tree of south coast and Shoalhaven forests and thus one of the most bushfire damaged trees, which speaks to the extensive loss of foraging for 2020.

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