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Dear Editor-New Bush Telegraph

July 1, 2020

It might be a good idea to review your stand on the UN Sustainability Goals which I believe are listed in Agenda 2030. Included are population goals which mean population extinctions. Also included I believe is a plan for mass enforced vaccination of every person on the planet. 
These goals were not debated and agreed by the world’s people. Enforced depopulation and enforced medications are a denial of personal freedoms and certainly the enforced medication of a person was recognised at the Nuremberg Trials for Nazi war criminals as a crime and international protocols agreed to ban such practices. 
The population issue is already solved as is so eloquently explained by the Swedish professor in the video link I have put below.
How wonderful if all our teachers were like this man. While I can disagree with some of what he says basically I think he makes the state of the world so clear and in the most entertaining and fun way. It is not all bad, rather good actually. 

No surprise that a Medical Doctor would see modern medicine as the weapon to defeat illness when a look into history clearly shows that sanitation and personal hygiene made the most dramatic impact. Equally industrialisation, especially in food production fueling economic growth is born of the European experience as the way out of poverty and to prosperity. Two things are ignored with this concept, one is that prosperity cannot be simply measured in money and whatever money can buy. Secondly that the growth through economic activity ignores the growing problem of resource wealth, inequality or resources in particular, and the earth’s resources, water and the soil in particular are getting a huge beating to support the developed world, the rich while literally raping the resources of the un-developed world and the poor.

The developed world extracts out of Africa well over $1 billion per year in EXCESS of all aid that it put into Africa. Colonial exploitation and extraction still continue. 

So Bill and Melinda Gates and the discredited WHO and UN sections that they fund and influence must shut up and forget their population reduction agenda 2030 as that battle is already won as you will see so beautifully and clearly in this video.

Spare an hour that will seem like so much less and be entertained, truly entertained and informed in the most enjoyable way.

Regards, Peter Tomkinson, Cambewarra

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    One comment on “Dear Editor-New Bush Telegraph”

    1. We really appreciate you writing in and expressing your viewpoint Peter but we think you may be following some conspiracy theories so are going to reply here.

      The Un Sustainable Development Goals are seen by most nations globally as setting a framework to develop their own national goals and recognise the importance of working towards these outcomes globally.

      While there is some criticism of the SDGs mostly it relates to the goals not going far enough, containing inequalities that advantage rich minorities, don’t have enough local context, aren’t enforceable and are impossible to account for accurately.

      This New Internationalist article from 2012 takes a critical look at the benefits and downsides to the billionaire philanthropy of Bill Gates.

      This article from 2017 highlights some of the issues the medical profession has with his, and the pharmaceutical industries’ monopolisation of the agenda.
      Here’s a few fact check articles

      It is always wise to question motives and check the sources when presented with information. While conspiracy theories will hook you in by raising questions we all have, you will find they often fizzle out credibly. There are also currently a lot of lobby groups for nuclear, coal, gas and oil putting out false media in conservative controlled media so always do your research if a viewpoint doesn’t seem quite right to you, or goes against what you know to be true.

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