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Albo – who is he?

May 20, 2022

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor

‘Albo’ is the Labor opposition leader.

For those who say they don't know who he is, they must not pay much attention to politics.

Here is a brief rundown on him, the ‘Albo’ I know of. Albanese has been a very trusted politician much longer than Morrison or Frydenberg. He has qualities and experience that neither of these two has. A proud and honest, hardworking, compassionate, dedicated man with principle. 

His greatest attribute is his trustworthiness. His dedication in his job is to those who mean so much to him and are of great importance to our country and that is the people. His integrity is of the highest order. His achievements in infrastructure, the portfolio he held whilst in Government, he delivered unimaginable infrastructure works so urgently needed, which the Liberals would like to take credit for.

He didn't waste tax papers money. He copped ridicule from Morrison and the media for a bit of a stumble on the figures. Who hasn't made a mistake in their life? We aren't perfect and it doesn't mean ‘Albo’ can't run our country or manage the economy. 

Honestly, I'm sick of hearing about the economy. I want to hear about a Federal ICAC, climate change, aged care, all health programs, nurses' wages, people living on the streets, better pensions so people can live with some dignity, and our Indigenous people recorded in their rightful place, the constitution. As well as the fire and flood victims who are STILL waiting for long-awaited assistance.

Audrey Hutchison, Nowra

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