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Intervention - His way or the highway

May 20, 2022

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor

Total disregard by Morrison for rank-and-file members of NSW Liberals. Members that have a right to vote for preselected candidates of their choosing as to who will represent their electorate, not the Prime Minister.

Not being candidates of his choosing, all hell and fury broke loose. By intervening, Morrison's with his stand over tactics blatantly rode rough shod over rank-and-files rights. A complete act of bastardry. 

This was not a federal matter. It was a state matter. Morrison and the Premier have overstepped their mark. It's neither constitutional nor democratic, and the courts should never have been brought into it. 

Who paid the court's cost? The Liberals or the poor old taxpayers? 

He keeps telling us, ‘He's the Prime Minister’. This doesn't give him the right to bully or throw his weight around in a state matter just to get what he wants (his hand-picked candidates).

He keeps telling us a state matter is dealt with by the states. Then why did he intervene from a federal level?  His excuse was (wait for it), he was trying to protect "great women". WHAT!... That's the most laughable excuse I have ever heard. What about ALL the "great women" in Parliament who he failed to protect? Pure hypocrisy. He was only protecting himself.

He says he doesn't bully, well, his recent over-riding in state matters IS bullying, and it reeks of ‘his way or the highway’.

Audrey Hutchison, Nowra

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