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Climate Change

March 31, 2022

Letters to the Editor

Conflicts all over the world can mostly be dealt with, but our biggest and most important ‘war’ on our hands is climate change. 

If attention isn't immediately paid to it, we will not have a planet to live on.

We all like to have a healthy body and when really ill expect our doctors and surgeons to ‘fix us up’, which they do.

Our planet is no different. It's very sick and needs all of us to bring it back to good health. As usual, Morrison and his government are missing in action.

Obviously Morrison must think that being elsewhere photo shooting and strumming his ukulele is much more important than climate change.

I congratulate the young students for standing so strongly on climate change. It takes these young guardians of tomorrow to lead the way.

Just goes to show who the grown ups are and who the kiddies are.

This planet is our only home. Look after and respect it. 2040 will be too late.

Audrey Hutchison, Nowra. 

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