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I Can’t Sleep – A Things Without Recipe for Sleep

February 12, 2021

Cartoon by Liz Argall, words by Bonnie Cassen

Some people sleep soundly and peacefully no matter what commotion is clouding their lives. Others toss and turn through the eternity of long sleepless nights. In this past strange year of forced changes and uncertainties Liz Argall presents her comic Sleep. Comforting words from her Things Without Arms and Legs characters to calm those sleep-deprived zombie days.

Liz writes, “There is a comfort from a slumbering sweetie, and I must confess when comfort from slumbering sweetie is not available purchasing a massive stuffed toy of any sort is a not too bad substitute. The nice thing about a soft toy is it also doesn’t mind if you put crushing weight on its neck!”

There are many reasons we find ourselves unable to sleep. We may feel anxious, worry, be overwhelmed with thoughts – or there may simply be too much on our minds. However there are ways to quieten the mind and obtain the rest needed to revitalise overnight for the day ahead.

Sleep is one of those essential ingredients for holistic health, and insomniac nights are long and fraught filled. In the dark of the night problems can multiply and deepen. Crazy solutions can spring to mind so perfect in the wee hours yet so insane by the light of day.

These emotions and more are expressed with Liz’s usual ease and simplicity, allowing us to contemplate the inner world of those feelings and eventually put them to bed, to sleep.

Our adult selves may cringe at the thought of a soft toy ‘substitute’. Liz encourages us to embrace our inner child and allow ourselves to be comforted. And through that, comforting sleep is reached.


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    One comment on “I Can’t Sleep – A Things Without Recipe for Sleep”

    1. Yep, I have my pillow pals and at my age and stage in life I'll fess up. The one behind me and the length of my body makes me feel I'm not alone and have someone beside me and the one I wrap my arms around in front of me makes me feel I have someone to hold onto. The dog at my feet is an added bonus even if he does get grumpy on my restless legs nights. Not a cure for my insomnia but gives me some comfort.

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