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Massive Moona Moona Creek Development

August 14, 2020

By Sue Tolley - on behalf of Our Future Shoalhaven

A campaign to stop the multi-purpose 4 storey Motel/Restaurant and Unit complex has been waging with over 100 submissions sent into council and an on-line petition through with over 2000 signatures so far. There is no reason however to feel confident that the DA will be opposed. Answers to questions asked of Council give no indication that they will be influenced by this strong community response. There have been passionate speeches by some Councillors that DA’s need to be fast tracked in order to help stimulate the region and State economy post Covid. In none of these speeches has there been acknowledgment  of how increasingly important environmental issues are since the devastating fires and floods in our region. Perhaps this goes without saying but history doesn’t make us feel this way.

More details of questions asked are as follows: Being such a significant development, shouldn’t it be referred to a high authority eg Joint Regional Planning Panel? The Council said No, the costing was not high enough.

The proposed Moona Moona Creek development

We asked, would Council do their own costing to check the applicants? The Council said No, the Quantity Surveyor had all the proper credentials, but if we wanted to pay for one we could.

Huskisson and Woollamia Community Voice (HWCV) have asked for a community briefing. Council said No, giving Covid as their reason.

The Council did say that they were aware of the strong community feelings would closely at the statements and technical challenges that each person/organisation submitted ..and respond.

Council has also said that they will continue to receive submissions whilst other reports required of the applicant are prepared and submitted. Our Future Shoalhaven (OFS) would encourage anyone who hasn’t submitted to do so or if anyone has concerns not expressed in their original submission they should submit another.

OFS is seeking advice from the Environment Defenders Office on what other steps can be taken. 

Link to the on-line petition is below please sign if you haven’t done so already and share with your appropriate friends, family, and network.

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    4 comments on “Massive Moona Moona Creek Development”

    1. A similar approach has been adopted for an oversized and environmentally damaging development application which also breaches the LEP height limit and parking requirements on the shores of Burrill Lake - The Edgewater Hotel - literally over the edge of the lake! (DA 19/2160)
      There are far, far more opposing submissions than supporting ones but the majority community voice doesn't seem to be taken into consideration when assessing resident's concerns. Additionally requests by residents to have the DA openly debated at a council meeting have been voted down by the Independents and Gash Councillor groups.
      Concerned residents have spent their own money to have independent expert reports prepared identifying breaches of policy, all ignored by Council planners so far and a lack of meaningful communication with affected residents about how adequately to address the issues.

    2. I am opposed to the Motel development at Doona Doona Creek. Too much precious bushland habitat has been lost through bushfires and development. Please keep what little remains of the bush undeveloped.
      The environment and all the life that depends on it is at stake.

    3. Our bush and beach environment is why many visitors come including locals.This iconic environment is even more precious after recent fires. Moona Moona does not need such overdevelopment near it.

    4. Stop the overdevelopment on the coast. Ain’t there enough empty apartments already? If only they’d make affordable living in the CBD of Nowra instead and inject life back into the major towns. Mixed priorities.

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